Juicy Chemistry Stop The Spot Serum Review

Juicy Chemistry Stop The Spot Serum

Hey Girls!!! Today I will review a serum Juicy Chemistry Stop The Spot Serum from the most talked brand of these days i.e. Juicy Chemistry. I came to know about this brand when I was surfing for organic skincare products. Megha Asher and Pritesh Asher are the founder of Juicy Chemistry. This is a Coimbatore based brand with 100% natural skin and body care products.

Megha Asher quotes
“Juicy Chemistry’s motto is natural skin equals beautiful skin. Using 100 percent natural products each product is developed with a lot of love and care”

Since all products are freshly handcrafted and herbal so I thought of ordering few products from www.amazon.in. One of them is Stop The Spot Serum (Acne Control Serum).

Note- This is not a paid or company sponsored review.

My Experience with Juicy Chemistry Stop The Spot Serum

Since I have acne prone skin so I suffer from unexpected breakouts. To deal with that I was looking for some herbal products when I came across Stop The Spot Serum from Juicy Chemistry. As it 100% herbal therefore it is safe to use. Moreover it consist of all the essential oils which are necessary for the skin.

Juicy Chemistry Stop The Spot Serum


The serum comes in a glass bottle with a net volume of 8ml and with a dropper on top. Therefore this helps in maintaining the hygiene of the serum.

Product Description

This serum from the house of Juicy Chemistry is a natural and herbal product. Jarn-packed with acne fighting and skin healing ingredients like jasmine, tea tree, neem, clove and frankincense oils. This magical elixir targets infection at its root and also promotes skin rejuvenation.


It consist of Grapeseed oil, argan oil, rosemary essential oil, frankincense essential oil, lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, clove essential oil, turmeric essential oil, neem essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, tea tree essential oil and jasmine essential oil.


INR 350+ delivery charges

How to Use

First of all take 4-5 drops in your palm and then massage it gently into your face at bedtime. For best and quick results use it after Juicy Chemistry cleaner and toner.

Juicy Chemistry Stop The Spot Serum

My Rating on purchasing this product

Since I am using this product from last 2 months, I can see the results. In the first month my breakouts were more so I felt that it is not working on my skin. But as herbal products takes some time to give results so as this serum took. After using it regular for 2 months my acne has reduced along with the acne marks. Now my skin is getting back its natural radiance.

Furthermore this serum is pale yellow in color with running consistence so it blends very well on the face. 4-5 drops are enough for face massage. It feels oily on face for 2-3 minutes but later on it is easily absorbed by the skin. So using oil on an oily skin is not at all an issue. It smell like fresh herbs as it consist of all the essential oils. Price of the product is totally justified as just 8ml works for a long time. Since these are herbal product so there on self-life is 6-7 months.

Hence I will really recommend trying out this product. At least give 3 months to any herbal product to get the desired result.

My Rating-4.5/5

PROs of  Juicy Chemistry Stop The Spot Serum
  • 100% natural
  • Consist of all essential oils
  • Doesn’t makes skin oily
  • Quickly absorbed by the skin
  • Reduces acne and acne marks over a period of time
  • Dropper on the bottle helps in bringing out exact quantity of the serum
CONs of  Juicy Chemistry Stop The Spot Serum
  • Glass bottle is not travel friendly
  • Product price might worry to some

Product Availability

Juicy Chemistry products are easily available online. Therefore you can buy products from below links


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