How to Reduce Belly Fat Naturally

How to Reduce Belly Fat Naturally

The festival season is on and we cannot resist ourselves from trying those delicious cuisines which ultimately increases our belly fat. So to maintain the weight we need to balance our diet with exercise.  But we don’t won’t to go to gym neither want to do those heavy exercises which leads to muscular pain.

Belly fat is the accumulation of excessive fat around our stomach. It is caused due to the consumption of more carbohydrates and calories. It is even caused due to the weak metabolism system and lack of physical activities. Eating less is not the solution to get rid of it but eating right is definitely the solution.

Looking for some quick and easy ways to reduce your belly fat!!! Then you are at the right place...

Therefore by adopting below methods in our daily life we can reduce the body fat over a period of time.

Cut Down the Sugar in your Diet

The most important step towards reducing fat is to avoid sugar. The most known fact is that all the soft drinks consist of sugar which is one of the main causes of fat. So avoiding sugar in all the forms even if it is an artificial sweetener will keep your insulin level low. However the less known fact is that most of the artificial sweeteners or sugar substitute consists of chemicals which are in no way good for health. Low insulin level helps to increase glucagon which further helps in reducing fat.

How to Reduce Belly Fat Naturally

Avoid Junk Food

Eating junk food and processed food is not good for our body. Due to high sugar content glucose level in the food increase. Therefore it reduces the fat burning capacity. We should replace our snacks with healthy food like nuts, fruits etc. Try to have lighter evening snacks.

How to Reduce Belly Fat Naturally

Drink Lemon Juice in Warm Water

Start you morning with drinking lemon juice. This is the most effective natural way to detoxify our body. Lemon water increases the enzymes which detoxifies our liver hence improving our metabolism system.

Squeeze out the juice of one lemon in one glass of warm water. Drink it empty stomach every day. Don’t drink or eat anything for atleast 30 minutes after drinking this. Therefore this helps you to improve your digestion system.

How to Reduce Belly Fat Naturally
Eat Fiber Rich Breakfast

The best way to eat lot of fibers is the intake of green vegetables and fruits. Consider eating whole wheat grain or oats in your breakfast which keeps us full for a long time. Replace your white rice with brown rice and add Omega-3 fatty acid in atleast one meal. Fish oil or fish, flaxseeds, walnuts, soybeans are rich sources of Omega-3. It not all reduces fat but is also good for heart.

How to Reduce Belly Fat Naturally
Drink Green Tea to Reduce Belly Fat

Green Tea is popularly known for its fat burning properties. It improves the metabolism system of our body. Moreover antioxidants present in the green tea are the cure for many diseases. It also improves our brain function. It is advisable to always purchase green tea or it’s leafs of good quality and of a reputed brand.

Firstly put some tea leaves in a container with water. Then boil the water for 2-3 minutes. Now strain this into a mug. If possible avoid using the sugar. Drink this green tea twice or thrice in a day.

How to Reduce Belly Fat Naturally

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  1. Nice article,
    Now a days, green tea is so popular and we have planty of brands avaialble in the market so can you please help to get natural/herbal green tea.

    • Hi Gaurav!!!

      Please note most of the green teas don’t mention that it consist of caffeine too which is not good for health.
      The most popular green teas available on our Indian Grocery Stores Organic India, Basilur, Typhoo, Golden Tips, Twinings, Happy Valley, Lipton, Tetley, LaPlant.

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