Vaadi Herbals Hand and Body Lotion with Sunflower Extract Review

Vaadi herbals Hand and Body Lotion with Sunflower Extract Review

Hello Beauties, Today’s review is about Vaadi Herbals Hand and Body Lotion with Sunflower Extract. After seeing their whole range of lotions I thought to give this one a try. This is the first time I saw a lotion with sunflower extract and fig extract. During intense winter time I used body oils because they provide ultimate moisture to the skin. But now when summer is in the corner I switched to lotions because oils feel sticky.


It comes in a white plastic bottle with a flip top yellow cap. The cap shuts tightly without any chance of leakage. The product dispenser opening is just appropriate for getting adequate amount.

Vaadi herbals Hand and Body Lotion with Sunflower Extract Review


Pure Extract of Sunflower, Steam Distilled Fig Extract, Organic Honey, Coconut Oil Derivative, Shea Butter, DM Water

Product Description

The perfect therapy to make & keep your body skin soft, supple & glowing. Sunflower helps the skin keep moisturized, by enhancing its water retention. Fig helps hydrate the skin by helping it absorb moisture. Their rich mineral content makes your skin softer, smoother & healthy.


  • INR 64 for 110 ml
  • INR 155 for 350 ml
Vaadi herbals Hand and Body Lotion with Sunflower Extract Review

My Experience with Vaadi Herbals Hand and Body Lotion 

Firstly the product is light yellowish in color with a thick consistency which is quite thick for a body lotion. Therefore I have to massage a lot to get it absorbed properly in the skin. But once absorbed it doesn’t feel greasy or oily and makes skin soft and smooth. I generally use it twice a day in morning and at night. I may skip it in morning but never at night because our skin heals the most at night. Moreover the fragrance is very indulging and makes me feel refreshed. My skin is prone to dryness so I have to reapply it after 4-5 hours.

It gives proper nourishment to the skin but do not expect more than this. Furthermore I believe no body lotion can give you instant skin lightning effect. All the ingredients of this lotion have skin nourishing properties. Sunflower is an excellent emollient, allowing the skin to keep moisturized by enhancing its water retention. Also Fig is natural humectants which helps hydrate the skin. Moreover Honey helps us in fighting against many skin diseases and also very rich source of skin nourishment. Coconut oil is traditionally used in our skin care routine to reduce the scars from skin and also to massage the skin.

Overall it is a good moisturizer with decent price for everyday use. I will definitely try some more products from Vaadi.

My Rating-4/5

PROs of Vaadi Herbals Hand and Body Lotion
  • Non-Greasy
  • Paraben free
  • Travel friendly
  • Budget friendly
  • Provide good moisture to the skin

CONs of Vaadi Herbals Hand and Body Lotion

  • Thick in consistency

Chanchal Jain

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