Elize Premium Sanitary Pads Review

Elize Premium Sanitary Pads

My Rating-5/5
Hey Girls!!! Recently I came across Elize Premium Sanitary Pads in the Fab Bag and today I am going to review it after trying. Although I am a loyal customer of Stayfree but being premium pads I thought of trying them. Nowadays all the brands always bring something new resolving the concerns of a women. Moreover there is a great market competition in organic cotton pads vs regular cotton pads. I feel we should always be open to try new products which can be beneficial for our health. Elize Premium Sanitary Pads are made up of natural cotton which are soft and light weight to ease that 5-6 days of our month.

Elize Premium Sanitary Pads


Each Elize pad is contained in a zip locked disposable bag which is extremely convenient to carry, and prevents the entry of any foreign matter. It is an easy and clean way to dispose your soiled pads, without having to look for tissue papers and polythene bags. The subscription is further packed in a blue sturdy box.

Product Description

Pads no longer get locked inside cupboards or hidden away in drawers. They proudly occupy a space on your dressing table inside the chic Blue Box. The superior absorption, XL size and wide fan shape at the back prevents any kind of leakage. The top sheet that is in direct contact with the skin is made of natural cotton. It is extremely soft to the skin, and facilitates an irritation-free experience. The bamboo charcoal anion strip aids in the release of negative ions which help relax the mind and body. Its microscopic-sized holes absorb harmful matter and bad-odour particles. Additionally, it has more than 400 kinds of carbonated and oxidized minerals, which have great medicinal benefits.

How to use

Just draw the fresh pad from the disposable bag, enclose the soiled pad inside it, press the zip to lock it again, and dispose it in a dustbin.


  • Trial Pack 8 Pads INR 399
  • 3 months 30 Pads INR 1299
  • 6 months 60 Pads INR 2499
  • 1 year 120 Pads INR 4799
Elize Premium Sanitary Pads
My Experience with Elize Premium Sanitary Pads

The zip lock disposal bag is most attractive features of this product as there is no need to carry paper or bag for disposing the pad. The pad is further glued to plastic cover which seals it. On pealing the cover, I was impressed with the length of the pad as I have never come across with this much pad length. As per my requirement length is the most important aspect which I always look for as it prevents leakage from backwards while sitting or sleeping. The double wings in the pad at front and back keeps it stable at it's position. Moreover the pad is super thin and soft in material making me feel of not wearing anything. The charcoal strip at the point of heavy flow absorbs the liquid immediately and prevent the pad from stinking.

Although these pads are very long lasting for heavy flow days but I prefer to change the pad after every 4-5 hours. On the other hand, the cost of the product might be the concern as a lot of good cost effective products are available in the market. Long lasting becomes secondary at times when it is advisable to change the pad after every 3-4 hours.

In conclusion it is the best option to use during the first few days, while sleeping or when you are at a place/event where you cannot change the pad after few hours.

PROs of Elize Premium Sanitary Pads
  • Long lasting
  • Double wing
  • Zip lock disposable bag
  • Thin, soft and light weight
  • Perfect for heavy flow days

CONs of Elize Premium Sanitary Pads

  • Bit expensive

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