Home Remedies to Remove Tan

Home Remedies to Remove Tan

Even though summers are here and are at its peak but we cannot stop ourselves from doing our day to day activities. All we can do is protect ourselves from the extreme heat. Exposure of our skin to UV rays emitted by the sun produces more melanin which darkens our skin color resulting in skin tan. Most of us look for easier and faster ways to remove tan which can include chemical therapies, fairness creams, tan removal creams and many more. But excessive and regular usage of these treatments can cause various skin problems like skin burn, early aging, dark spots or pigmentation etc. Therefore, we should always look for natural treatments which helps us to cure the problem and even makes our skin healthy. Today I am going to brief top 5 home remedies to remove tan with ingredients which are easily available in our kitchen. Home remedies does take time to show results but they are effective and safe to use.

Below are the 5 Best Home Remedy Face Mask to remove tan.

1. Turmeric and Lemon Face Mask

Turmeric helps in reducing acne breakout and scars
Lemon Juice has antibacterial properties which reduce acne. Being rich in vitamin C and citric acid it helps in skin lightening
Raw Milk deep cleanses the pores and moisturizes the skin. It also consists of skin fairness agent.


  • Add 1 tbsp. of turmeric powder and lime juice in raw milk
  • Apply this mixture on the face and leave it for 10-15 minutes
  • Let it dry and wash it off with tap water
Home Remedies to Remove Tan
Home Remedies to Remove Tan

2. Pineapple and Papaya Face Mask

Pineapple is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants which prevents acne, fine lines and repair skin from sun damage.
Papaya has skin lightening properties and reduces pigmentation


  • Mash pineapple and papaya together in a bowl
  • Apply this mixture on this face for 15 minutes
  • Wash the face with normal water

3. Baking Soda Body Scrub

Baking Soda works great as skin exfoliater


  • Mix baking soda with water
  • Rub this mixture as a scrub on the body and rinse it off
  • Use this mixture thrice a week
Home Remedies to Remove Tan
Home Remedies to Remove Tan
4. Masoor Dal Face Mask

Masoor Dal is a good as face scrub and gives flawless skin
Tomato reduces pore size, repair sun burns and brings back glow on the skin
Aloe Vera Gel reduces skin inflammation, acne blemishes, tan and cures sun burn


  • Soak 1 tbsp. of masoor dal for few hours in water
  • Make the paste of the dal
  • Add equal quantity of aloe vera gel and tomato paste
  • Apply this mixture for 30 minutes
  • Rinse it off with cold water
  • Increase the quantity if required
5. Honey and Milk Powder Face Mask

Honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and lightens skin tone
Milk Powder gives glowing and healthy by bringing back your natural skin color
Almond Oil prevents from breakout and repair the skin from the damage caused by UV rays


  • Take 1 tbsp. of any milk powder
  • Add 1 tbsp. of honey with few drops of almond oil
  • Apply it on the face for 15 minutes
  • Wash it off with normal water
Home Remedies to Remove Tan

NOTE- All the above home remedies are tried and tested on my skin. Results may vary depending upon the skin type. Always apply sunscreen 15-20 minutes before you step out in the sun.

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