Inatur Olive Cleansing Milk Review

Inatur Olive Cleansing Milk

My Rating-5/5
In today’s post, I have reviewed Olive Cleansing Milk by Inatur. I must admit I was unaware of this brand till I got this product in one of the Fab Bag and I am glad that I came across this brand. Olive Cleansing Milk was the first product I have tried from this brand and the results are amazing.

Cleaning our skin and removing makeup is the most important thing to do before going to bed. Doing it with just using facewash is not enough. We need a makeup remover or cleansing milk to deep clean our pores by removing all the dirt, impurities, excess oil and any kind of makeup to make our skin breathe. These days every brand adds a cleanser in their product line in the form of cleansing milk, cleansing gel or makeup remover. Therefore, it is very important to select the product as per your skin type. Olive Cleansing Milk by Inatur is especially designed for sensitive skin but is also suitable for all types of skin.


It comes a sturdy yellow bottle with a flip cap on top. All the product details are very well mentioned on the front and back of the bottle. Moreover, I found the bottle to be travel friendly and leak proof.

Inatur Olive Cleansing Milk

Product Description

Inatur’s Olive cleansing milk is a soap-free creamy and nourishing cleanser that helps in replenishing lost moisture. It also assists in removing make-up and other impurities. It can also be used around the eyes. It is enriched with organic Olive oil that prevents blemishes and gently cleanses and nourishes the skin by opening the pores. It contains

  • Olive-that softens & moisturizes
  • Chamomile- that has anti allergic properties and it calms & soothes the skin
  • Geranium Oil- prevents untimely sagging by tightening of the facial skin and combats anti-ageing symptoms
  • Honey- makes it easy to unclog pores, boosts the complexion, treats acne and slows down ageing
  • Lavender- tones and firms your skin as it boosts circulation

How to Use

Apply on cotton wool and gently clean with upward & outward movement to remove dust, impurities and makeup. Can be used around the eyes also.


D.M water, Capric glycerides, Hydroxy ethyl urea, Myristyl myristate, Stearyl stearate, Cetearyl glucoside, Allkyl acrylate crosspolymer, Jojoba oil, EDTA, Olive oil, Geranium oil, Lavender oil, Honey extract, Chamomile extract, Phenonyethanol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol

INR 225 for 100 ml

My Experience with Olive Cleansing Milk

The product is milky white in color with not too runny in consistency. It has a pleasant smell of herbs. Usually I take one pump for regular light makeup and two pumps for heavy makeup. And then massage it gently on the face and neck. To remove the makeup, I rub the cotton pad across the face. This cleansing milk very effectively removes all kind of makeup. It is even safe to use this product on eyes to remove eye makeup. Moreover, it deep cleanse the pores by removing dirt and excess oil making the skin feel more refreshed. Below is the patch test done to show the effectiveness of this cleansing milk. I have used Avon 12 hrs long lasting eyeliner and lipstick in the patch test whose review I have already done. Click to read the review.

Inatur Olive Cleansing Milk
Inatur Olive Cleansing Milk

Overall it is a must try product and you will end up reordering it. Although it is a very less talked about product but it works very well in removing makeup even from high end brands. After using it I wash my face with facewash and after that apply toner to minimize open pores.

PROs of Olive Cleansing Milk
  • Herbal product
  • Makes skin soft
  • Deep cleanse the pores
  • Efficiently removes makeup
  • Can be used to remove eye makeup
CONs of Olive Cleansing Milk
  • I didn’t find any CON in this product

Do let me know your take on this product if you have tried!!! If not give it a chance…

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