Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Are you a makeup lover and been detected with the poor vision? And you are not willing to use spectacles to hide your beautiful eyes. Then you have no other option then using contact lenses. Most of the women wear contact lenses on daily bases but end up removing them in mid-day because of irritated eyes. This may be because your eye makeup has stick to your contact lenses causing blurred vision. Below are some important tips which should be kept in mind by every contact lens wearer while applying makeup.

Keep your hands clean

  • Always wash your hands properly before holding your lens onto your finger. This keeps your lenses clean. Do not apply anything on your hands before putting lens into your eyes like moisturizers, creams or oil based products. This can very easily transfer on the lens.
Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Wear contact lenses first

  • The key point to keep in mind is to wear your contact lenses before you start with your makeup. It reduces the chances of your makeup sticking to the lenses. Moreover, when lenses are applied we always tend to get some water in our eyes. This can ruin your eye makeup.

Change the solution

  • Always change your contact lens care solution after each. This keeps your lenses clean and protect your eyes from infection.

Use oil-free Makeup

  • Always use waterproof and oil-free mascara which prevents it from flaking and entering in the eyes. Moreover, use water-based foundation instead of cream-based as cream-based makeup will irritate if it goes into the eyes.

Use cream based Eyeshadow

  • Try using cream based eyeshows which stick well on the eyelid. Powdered eyeshadows can easily go in the eyes causing irritation.

Avoid applying Kajal

  • Avoid applying kajal on your waterline as it may stick on your lens and you may end up with improper sight. It is recommendable to use smudge proof kajal on the bottom of your waterline. This even makes your eyes look bigger.

Say No to expired products

  • Most of us never look for an expiring date for our makeup products. But just like other products they also have an expiring date. Never use expired makeup products as they can cause skin problems

No sharing please

  • Do not share your makeup and brushes especially kajal with others. This increase the chances of transferring bacteria causing eye infection.
Wash You Brushes
  • Always keep your makeup tools clean and bacteria free. Wash your makeup brushes, blenders and other tools with proper baby shampoo in luke warm water.
Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Remove Contact Lens before Makeup

  • Even if you are using a high brand makeup remover still it is recommended to remove contact lenses first and then the makeup. This will prevent your lenses from getting damaged from the rubbing motion while removing makeup. Most importantly do not forget to wash your hands first.

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