Salon At Home- My Experience with VLCC Vanity Cube

Salon At Home- My Experience with VLCC Vanity Cube

My Rating- 4.8/5

Being in my third trimester of pregnancy I sometimes find it very difficult and tiring to go out in this crouching heat for my monthly beauty services. At this moment I always think of someone should stop by and pamper me at my home itself. This is when I came across VLCC Vanity Cube. They offer all types of beauty and hair services just at the comfort of your home.

My hair being so frizzy and damaged and thinking of that I won’t be able to manage them in next coming months, so I opted for Hair Smoothing service.

How to book the choice of services?

It is very easy and quick to book the service which you want to avail. Download Vanity Cube App available on App Store & Play Store. Create your account with relevant information and you are good to go to book your desired services. A trained professional will arrive at your doorstep on your convenient time and day. One can even book their services from their website and can chat in real time with their customer care for any query. They are now even available on WhatsApp +91 80108 01091 to book the appointment.

My Experience with VLCC Vanity Cube

A professional named Naushad Alam came up to serve my appointment of Hair Smoothening. He was on time and the appointment was even confirmed by him before arriving. The service is priced at INR 3999/- for short hair, INR 4999/- for medium hair and INR 5499/- for long hair. I found the service is reasonably priced as compared to other salons. The complete process took around 4 hours for my length. But it may vary depending on the hair length.

Salon At Home- My Experience with VLCC Vanity Cube

Soon after visiting he first arranged his set up of all the products and electronics required for the process. The total process consists of three washes, one pressing and two blow dries. I was being offered Loreal Professional X-tenso hair smoothening.

Salon At Home- My Experience with VLCC Vanity Cube

Step 1- Firstly he told me to wash my hair with any available shampoo twice.

Step 2- Then a cream is applied thoroughly on the complete hair length to break the existing bond.

Salon At Home- My Experience with VLCC Vanity Cube

Step 3- After 30 min of application I was told to emulsify and rinse my hair thoroughly to remove every trace of the cream followed by any available conditioner.

Step 4- Later my hair was blow dried and straightened with a pressing machine.

Salon At Home- My Experience with VLCC Vanity Cube

Step 5- This time a neutralizing cream is applied on my straightened hair to make new bond. I was even instructed not to move for 15 min to avoid any bend in the hair.

Salon At Home- My Experience with VLCC Vanity Cube

Step 6- Again I rinsed my hair thoroughly after 15 min followed by hair conditioner and my hair were blow dried.

Step 7- Lastly a good quantity of serum is applied on the hair and was told to avoid any kind of bend, tie knots in the hair. Moreover, not to wash my hair for next 48 hours as this much time is required for bond to settle in the hair.

And finally, I washed my hair after 2 days with Loreal Professional shampoo and mask designed for straight hair. I noticed smooth, straight and frizz free hair making them easy to manage and style. Below the actual image results for your reference.

Salon At Home- My Experience with VLCC Vanity Cube
Salon At Home- My Experience with VLCC Vanity Cube

Hair Smoothening is a process which makes your hair smooth, soft and frizz free. It does not give you wire straight hair. For my hair this is not the first time as I have gone with rebonding, smoothing and hair therapy a lot of times. But this experience was special as I have taken any hair service at home for the first time.

Overall my experience of this home service by VLCC Vanity Cube was very comfortable and relaxing as there is no queue wait time and you get a personalized attention. The only challenge while taking any hair treatment at home is to wash your hair with the head down at the basin.

But I will surely recommend trying the home salon services from VLCC Vanity Cube as they send the best trained professionals who really pamper you and all the services are at a very reasonable price. Moreover, there are always some offers available to surprise you. One can even join their VLCC Reward Club for further savings. I am definitely going to pre-book my next month session of facial and waxing from VLCC Vanity Cube.

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