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Welcome to Beauty And Health blog.

Beauty and Health wants you to give the chance to explore your writing skills. We will review only the beauty and health products available in the market or online. Please send your product review articles on diksha@beautyandhealth.co.in

Before you start writing for us please send us the copy of your Photo ID along with the review article. You are not allowed to share the article on other blogs.

Below are the basic guidelines to start up with your writing experience:

    • Consider any product from your collection.
    • Click two good pictures with image of ingredients from your camera of good resolution with white background under natural light.
    • Submit the genuine review of the product with pros and cons. Try to spend your time writing about your experience instead of covering word limit.
    • Please review the article with grammatical error before sending it.

Article Format

Each article should be atleast 400 words with minimum two images. Please donot write the article in SMS language. If you are doing a photo tutorial please write step by step article with images taken at real time.

We consider below articles

  • Beauty products review
  • Make Up products review
  • Health products review
  • Do-it-yourself image tutorials
  • Beauty and Health tips

All the articles send by you will be published with your NAME

Articles will be edited if required before publishing. We donot GUARANTEE to publish all the articles send by you. We may ask you to make some changes in the article if required.

For any further questions and feedback please write us back on diksha@beautyandhealth.co.in
We will be happy to assist you.

Please donot Contact Us for

  • Checking the publish status of your article
  • Doing SEO of our blog